Our History

Fleischer Sales Inc has helped businesses maximize their potential through comprehensive point of sale systems and credit card processing for over 20 years.  We are passionate about aiding businesses and improving customer experience with myriad products and services like streamlined reporting, inventory management, and cost-effective payment processing systems.

A Focus On POS Choices & Stability

Fleischer Sales offers a variety of choices in both hospitality and retail for your point of sale needs.  The reality in the marketplace is that many things need to be considered.

Software Applications
We focus on products that have had a long record of success.  Many new cutting edge applications can lead to frustrating issues that take you away from your core business tasks. We use our wealth of historical knowledge to help you in choosing your POS system.

Credit Card Processing
This is one of the more daunting and confusing components in the buying process.  Once again, we do not adhere to one processor fits all.  Certainly rates are most important and by that we mean the "real" rates. How quickly your daily batches hit your bank account, gift card programs, and level of support all have to be considered. Each software application works better with certain processors. This is true for both the initial cost and the cost of integrating the most secure and up to date technology to protect your business from credit card fraud.    

Pricing – Nothing is free. In fact free is very expensive.
We try to be competitive with are hardware and software pricing. Our prices reflect slim margins, which will allow you to use tested and certified equipment. We do not discount service or support. It only makes sense that you would not want cut rate service. We provide on-site service in New England and New York.

We take credit cards and checks for systems. There are tax advantages to leasing a system as well. We also offer creative financing concepts that require no money down. We have SaaS (software as a service)  We have Hardware and Software as a service, We have partial 0% plans.