Aldelo Pro

Aldelo Pro Edition

Field Proven in tens of thousands of installations and locally serviced by a dealer network of over 400 strong.

Features At A Glance


Aldelo For Restaurants point of sale solution is designed specifically for table service and quick service restaurant establishments. Our solution is also a perfect fit for handling fine dining, bar, cafeteria, pizza, delivery and multi-lingual operations.

Front of House

Aldelo’s POS solution takes care of point of sale activities; reservation and waiting list; guest and manager paging; customer tracking; gift card management; house account charges; delivery order routing and tracking; table service and quick service order entry; cashier payment handling; financials accountability; staff communications; and much more all included and ready for action out of the box.

Back of House

Aldelo’s POS solution gives restaurateurs complete management control at their fingertip. Management features such as inventory and recipe tracking; labor and scheduling control; extensive reports, and much more are all standard features and easily accessible with just a click away.

Extensive Reports

Compete more effectively with Aldelo’s extensive reports. Aldelo’s POS solution includes dozens of detail reports to give restaurateurs insight into operations effortlessly.

* Aldelo’s POS Solution refers to Aldelo For Restaurants Pro Edition

Aldelo EDC

Aldelo payment solution provides super fast and secured merchant service processing capabilities.

Aldelo EDC At A Glance

Aldelo EDC is our payment processing solution that is super fast, secured, reliable, fully POS integrated, and PA-DSS certified. Fully integrated payment processing helps you eliminate manual entry errors and reduce end of day reconciliation time.

Security and Performance

Aldelo EDC is secure. It has passed the rigorous payment industry certifications such as the Visa PABP validation and is PA-DSS certified. Aldelo EDC is performance driven. Its core processing engine is hosted inside the IIS, benefits from IIS’s security, performance and reliability optimizations.

Fully Integrated and Supported

Aldelo EDC is the perfect add on to Aldelo For Restaurants POS solutions. It is fully integrated by our point of sale and supported by our 24/7 technical service agents.

Extensive Processors List

Aldelo EDC also supports a variety of credit card and gift card processors. Merchants are most likely able to choose to stay with their current merchant service providers when using Aldelo EDC. We support major back end processors such as Paymentech, Global, First Data, and more.

Additionally, we’re always adding more payment processors to meet the needs of our customers.